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    24-360m2 Sinter–Cooler production line:

    Plant design

    Equipment design, fabrication & installation

    Project commissioning

    Operation service

    0.3–1.2mtpa Grate–Kiln production line:

    Plant design

    Equipment design, manufacturing & installation

    Project commissioning

    Training and etc.

    Complete equipment and design/construction of turn-key grinding plants for coal, cement clinker and blast furnace granulated slag.

    Up-to-date crushing & sizing equipment and system solution for metallurgy, mining and construction industry.

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    What we offer
    Our advantages are as follows

    ANDE has devoted to R & D of new technologies, and has obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, including:

    Grinding roller circulating lubrication device (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0419135.5)

    VRM protection device for interrupted feeding (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0426903.X)

    Waste heat recovery technology for active lime rotary kiln line (patent No.: ZL 2020 1 0954122.X) Coal injection control system of lime kiln:(copyright No.: 2018SR382558)

    Coal injection system of pelletizing rotary kiln (copyright No.: 2018SR382020)

    Automatic control system of fuel and combustion air for HGG (copyright No.: 2018SR380452)

    Coal pulverizing & injection control system for BF (copyright No.: 2018SR382323)

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    Future Square, No.55 Industrial South Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan, China


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