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    Crushing & sizing
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    • Reversible Impact Hammer Mill
      Mainly used to crush Coal for circulating fluidized bed boiler Coking coal for coke even Coal, coke, limestone, dolomite, lime and etc. for sinter plant All kinds of low and medium hardness ore, such as iron ore, phosphate rock and etc. ...
    • Ring Granulator
      PHQ (light) model suits to brittle materials of mohs hardness grade 2, including coal, gangue, coke, slag, shale and etc.. PHZ (heavy) model is for different kinds of rocks of mohs hardness grade 5 and below, including limestone, magnetic iron ore...
    • Single Roll Crusher
      Single-roll crusher is applied for crushing of fragile and low/medium-hardness material, such as sinter, slag, shale, limestone and etc. Single roll crusher integrates jaw crusher and roll crusher together, thus has characteristics of the two ty...
    • Double Roll / Four Roll Crusher
      Double roll crusher is primary crusher for material, reduced from (-)80 mm to (-)25mm, with crushing ratio up to 5:1. Four roll crusher is an integrator of primary and secondary crushing. The size of material can be reduced directly from 40mm to (...
    • Double Tooth-roll Sinter Cutter
      Double tooth-roll sinter cutter is a specially designed sinter sizer to meet requirement of iron making process based on coke cutter developed by ANDE. It can reduce the size of cold sinter from 150-200mm to 80 mm below. Main features of sinter ...
    • Double Roll Sizer
      Main features: High throughput capacities up to 5000t/h at low operating cost Compact and flat design resulting in a low overall height of the crushing plant Low metallic wear and minimum fines content due to slow rotation speed of rotors ...
    • Coke Cutter
      ANDE has developed CQJ series of tooth-plate coke cutter and CQD series of tooth-ring coke cutter (Patent no.: ZL 95 2 33983.8/ZL 2008 2 0024023.6), and about 400 sets have been in successful use in iron mills and coke-oven mills in China and ab...
    • Impact Crusher
      Impact crusher is distinguished itself from others with the following advantages: High reduction ratio from 20 up to 150, leading to simple process flow by reducing crushing stages; Even size and cubical shape of final product owing to the i...
    What we offer
    Our advantages are as follows

    ANDE has devoted to R & D of new technologies, and has obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, including:

    Grinding roller circulating lubrication device (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0419135.5)

    VRM protection device for interrupted feeding (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0426903.X)

    Waste heat recovery technology for active lime rotary kiln line (patent No.: ZL 2020 1 0954122.X) Coal injection control system of lime kiln:(copyright No.: 2018SR382558)

    Coal injection system of pelletizing rotary kiln (copyright No.: 2018SR382020)

    Automatic control system of fuel and combustion air for HGG (copyright No.: 2018SR380452)

    Coal pulverizing & injection control system for BF (copyright No.: 2018SR382323)

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