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    Rotary feeder

    Technology is widely used in metallurgy, coal chemical industry and other industries

    Pulverized coal and granular coal injection system for BF

    Pulverized coal injection system for rotary kiln and shaft kiln

    Iron ore powder, pulverized coal and flux injection system in direct reduction ironmaking process

    Injection system of desulfurizer such as magnesium powder, quicklime and calcium carbide in hot metal pretreatment

    Granular coal injection system of fluidized bed gas generator

    Pulverized coal injection system for entrained flow gasifier

    Working Principle
    Product Features

      This pump provides continuous or batch feed for the process, including blast furnace, smelting furnace, burner or reaction tank.

      The injection volume can be adjusted to meet the process requirements

      It is equipped with weighing device and accurate metering system to control the injection quantity. It can feed accurately.

      High back pressure injection can inject materials into high back pressure environment.

      It is clean and environmental protection, and less dust leakage.

      The injection system is integrated into the whole process of the plant as a component.

      The system can be used to inject various materials

    Solution to crushing & sizing equipment and system
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