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    Shigang Company’s relocation and upgrading project signed a cooperation agreement


    On the morning of March 5, the 3# sintering project of Maanshan Iron & Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Environmental Relocation Project contracted by MCC Huatian officially started.

    The project is an important sub-project of the environmental relocation project of Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. It is proposed to build a 360 square meter sintering machine with an annual output of 3.85 million tons of whole sinter, of which 3.63 million tons of sinter will be supplied to the newly built 32 For the cubic meter blast furnace, the remaining 220,000 tons of sintered ore will be supplied to the three existing blast furnaces through the newly built feeding system. MCC Huatian's general contracting scope includes fuel coarse crushing chamber, fuel fine crushing chamber, belt conveyor transportation system from the existing fuel warehouse to the newly built fuel coarse crushing chamber, coke crushing tank, batching chamber, etc., and matching the main process Production support facilities.

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