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    Coal injection system for 31260 m3 blast furnace of Hebei Jingye iron and Steel Co., Ltd



    ANDE is located in Chengdong Industrial Park, Mingshui Economic Development Zone, Zhangqiu, Jinan. Plant covers an area of 3 hectares and construction area of workshops is 13000 m2.

    Registered capital is RMB 50 million, and annunal turnover was RMB 150 million in 2019.

    Company has about 160 employees, out of which middle & senior title professionals constitute 30%.

    ANDE was approved with ISO9001 quality system certification in 2006.

    Since 2009, ANDE has introduced MPS VRM technology from Germany and CK mill technology from Japan, engaged in design, manufacture and system integration of coal mill and BF slag mill.

    So far, more than 90 sets of grinding and coal injection system have been put into operation in well-known domestic and overseas metallurgical enterprises, such as Benxi Steel, Jinan Steel, Sanming Steel, Jianlong, Jingye, Southern Nonferrous, TATA Metalliks and HZL of India.

    Engineering Dept. was set up in 2010, dealing with engineering design and project management. Up to now, over 110 projects have been put into operation.

    Awarded by Science & Technology Bureau of Shandong Province with “Engineering Technology & Research Center of VRM and Coal Injection for Furnace & Kiln” in 2014.

    Awarded by Science & Tech Bureau of Shandong Province with “High-tech Enterprise” in 2015 & 2018.

    Installation subsidiary of the company was established In 2017, with the qualification of "Grade III Contractor of Mechanical & Electrical Installation Engineering of Construction and Installation".

    In cooperation with Beijing Metallurgical Equipment Design & Research Institute and Shandong Construction Material Design & Research Institute for many times, ANDE has contracted the design, supply, installation, commissioning & operation services of 6 lime kiln production lines on EPC basis.

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    Future Square, No.55 Industrial South Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan, China


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